The Inside Out Programme (Coming Soon)

I’m beavering away over here to bring you a game-changer of a programme for positive change and overall life satisfaction which cannot result in anything but personal and business success…

The 12 week all-encompassing programme is currently in development and will be launching in Spring 2020 - Learn more about what's to come and pre -register below.

The 5 'I's

Intervention - Intention - Interruption - Identification - Influence


We kick off with a discovery experience. A health check will asses your energy levels and how well your body is functioning, then together, we will take a step back and look at the big picture. We’ll assess your current commitments, your daily habits and weekly activities to find out what is serving you well and what is not. We will explore your strengths and weaknesses, tap into you fears and doubts by asking the right questions and find out what is blocking you. We will look into your current goals and aspirations to check that they are in line with your values, declutter your weekly schedule, set your intentions and break down the process to reach success with them by devising a strategy.


Tailored to you current lifestyle, and taking into consideration the results of your blood tests, a diet and nutrition plan will be devised and will be subject to change every 2 weeks dependent on results. Food prep techniques are encouraged to keep things super simple, stress free and allow you to focus on the stuff that really matters with increased energy and focus. Weight and measurements will be recorded weekly to provide measurable progress to keep you on track, build momentum and allow us to tweak your plan where necessary.


We then take a long look in the mirror and assess your self image from the inside out. Exercises will be carried out and tools will be supplied to help you overcome any physical or mental aspect that is keeping you stuck. We will explore your fears deeper and look to find their root cause and disrupt your thinking. We will ascertain whether your self beliefs are true or false and work to break negative thought processes. Any physical aspects of your appearance that you feel are holding back, and hindering your ability to live positively each day, will be explored to find out if it is actually cosmetic, or internally deep rooted, and these will then be addressed.


Ongoing work to develop a better relationship with yourself will be undertaken each day. Daily and weekly exercises will be set out through the course of the programme to help you identify with your core beliefs and values. Weekly challenges will be set to build your confidence and self esteem to support a positive self image.


Success and wellness sabotaging environments would have been identified during the discovery session. Throughout the course of the programme new environments and surroundings will be introduced and experienced through challenges and tasks set out in the initial strategy to broaden your life experience, enhance your personality and encourage you to grow and achieve success in all areas of your work and personal life.

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