Reset > Reboot > Kick-Start


My reason for setting up Reset > Reboot > Kick-Start was to build a community of 2020 self change-seekers to support one another for the month of January, the year ahead AND the next decade!

You can participate as much or as little as you like. It’s yours for the making!

I have created some tools in the form of sessions, workbooks and mind management processes to focus on enhancing mindset, increasing motivation and streamlining all areas of life for a better way of living!

We will be strategising, planning, challenging and goal setting – which are the first things to tackle before doing anything new.  We will be putting our new life design into practice together to enable us to learn what works for us in a safe and supportive space, push out of comfort zones and be held accountable.

The 4-week programme runs 3 times a year through a private Facebook group. The 2020 dates are:

January 2nd – January 30th 2020

May 1st – May 29th 2020

September 7th – October 5th 2020

There are no physical requirements, just willingness, open-mindedness and a spark of determination which we can nurture!

Join us here!