Hi, I'm Camilla



Born in London, I studied at Central Saint Martin’s University before delving into the world of hair and makeup artistry in 2009. I have since built multiple beauty and creative entertainment agencies and have worked with a variety of individuals and corporations, across many industries, both in the UK and abroad. My team continues to spread the joy of creative transformations through the CJC enterprises and Glitter & Glo.

I Am Curious

Through both my professional and personal journey, I have always been asking questions (perhaps too many for my own good!) and I have never really stopped questioning why things are the way they are, why I am the way that I am, why others are the way that they are, and what motivates us all to do what we do.

We experience so many different things over the course of our lives and what really fascinates me is how our experiences shape who we are, and who we become.

I Believe

Within each of us, we have the skills and ability to live our happiest and most purposeful life, yet, we struggle with distractions and find ourselves turning to quick-fix solutions.

By doing so, we can end up being held prisoner by other’s ideals and standards.


Life happens, things veer us off course. Sometimes we are able to get back on track, but sometimes we fail to realise, we fail to stop and we fail to effectively address the issues that we are facing. If left unexamined, these issues can send us beating down the wrong path, in the shadow of someone else’s journey, with lack of confidence and self assurance to get back to our own path.

Through my career in makeup artistry and transformative work I have learned a lot but one of my biggest takeaways is:

True confidence and happiness comes from the inside, not what you put on the outside.

I Know

Having worked repeatedly with people, a lot of the time in their most vulnerable state, there are 5 fundamentals that need to be in place to achieve happiness and success – whatever “success” looks like to you.


By listening, learning, responding and tweaking I have been able to devise an all-encompassing programme with my tried and tested methodology which combines over a decade of research with first hand, personal and professional, experience. Through the unique combination of expertise, from myself and other professionals, we focus on personal image, lifestyle, and mental health, while working through the 5 fundamental elements, from the inside out.


The result? Heightened self-esteem, increased confidence, raised motivation and all-round life fulfilment through integrity and authenticity. You can learn more about it here.