Is Your Environment Supporting You?

My awareness around environments perhaps borders obsessive, but only because I know first hand just how damaging the wrong environment can be to one’s mental health and energy. It doesn’t matter how much work you do on yourself in terms of personal development, mindset or meditation practices, if you keep placing yourself in an unsupportive […]

Don’t Fall Into The Diet Trap

This may seem like a random post but I felt compelled to share this with you after my chat with Tom Blackman on the #NoFilterNeeded Podcast last week.  We discuss lots of things but one of them was what Tom calls ‘The Diet Trap’ and it got me thinking about my own past experiences with […]

7 Things That Are Destroying Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is a word that is thrown about quite a lot. Confidence means different things and looks a different way to each of us, but generally, the essence of self-confidence is the ability to believe in yourself to complete the task in hand no matter the odds or the adversity. There are 3 main obstacles […]

Is Your Lifestyle Working With You?

Everything we know is made up of cycles. There is the movement of the planets, the oceanic tides, and our very own seasons here on earth which come around each and every year. We have cycles of sleep and wake times, cycles of blood around our bodies, and let’s not forget our breathing cycles. And […]

A Crash Course in Acceptance

I feel like we’re all having a crash course in acceptance at the moment.  There are things so outside of our control and on such a huge scale that we simply have no choice but to surrender and accept. And there’s something rather peaceful in that. A few weeks back when the prospect of lockdown […]

7 Tips To Boost Productivity In Self-Isolation

When one door closes another door opens. So while our front doors are remaining firmly shut during this period of self-isolation, that then swings the door of the mind wide open.  Now, the door of the mind can open into a land of opportunity or a total minefield of fear and anxiety, so let’s make […]

The New Journey

It’s funny how things work out… actually, no, funny isn’t the right word, that’s just a stock phrase which we’re all so used to using; and not just phrases, stock everything – stock lifestyles, stock clothing, stock emotions. The word “funny” would be a huge downplay over the monumentality of what is happening across the […]

It’s Time To Stop Feeling Powerless

As the number of Coronavirus cases are on the rise, as entire cities are closing down, as more and more people are going into isolation, are you feeling increasingly worried about how things are going to pan out? Is the widespread panic and fear wreaking havoc with your ability to think clearly about the future? […]

This Time Last Year…

I was at my wits end this time last year… I had a TOTAL meltdown while working at my mum’s house last February – which was my temporary office space in her attic when I closed my Highgate office – I just completely lost it while sitting at my laptop looking at my accounts and […]

Life: Do It Your Way

There’s been a real shift in language these last few years and buzz words such as ‘conscious,’ ‘mindful’ and ‘purpose’ are featuring more and more across magazine articles, social media feeds and being used in people’s everyday language. I’ve always been pretty straight-talking; none of this wishy-washy vocab or jumping on these hippy-dippy trends, but […]

GOALS: Start where you are. Use what you have.

It’s usually around mid-January when our energy and motivation for our new year’s goals begin to dwindle.  Our grand ideas of going after big, meaty goals for 2020 and our promise to take better care of ourselves; like managing our workload better, eating the right foods, abstaining from alcohol and hauling our asses into the […]

Well, hello there!

Welcome to the first blog post of many!  In case you’re wondering how this site came about… It all started about 18 months ago when I began questioning a few things and was forced to ask myself some serious questions – life-altering ones.   My questioning took me further and further into ridiculous amounts of discomfort […]