My Book

With so many “ideals of beauty” being forced upon us and marketed to us each and every day, it has become increasingly difficult to feel secure and happy in one’s own skin.

We have all got so caught up in “putting our best selves forward” that we have forgotten who we truly are in the process, which is having a hugely negative impact on our self-esteem and clouding our self-image.


While our environment plays a big part on our lifestyles, it is our self-image, which has been built on our past experiences that has shaped us into who we are today and will continue to determine who we become.

With beauty companies and the cosmetics industry playing on our insecurities it has never been more important to keep our self-image intact.

By harnessing the great power within our own minds, we can release ourselves from the imprisonment of standards enforced by society and the media and ensure we live each day with self-assurance.


The book is designed to boost yourself self-esteem, increase your self-assurance and get your internal self-image intact by kicking unobtainable standards to the kerb so you can reimagine the power within yourself.

We start by looking into the history of cosmetics and how it has been used over the years to solicit power and status.

We then delve into the workings of the mind where we'll be discussing mental health, ways of creating confidence and redeveloping the brand of you.

In the beauty bullshit busting section of the book, we will be unmasking the marketing tactics of the cosmetics industry as well as those of the digital world and social media platforms so that you no longer feel the need to reach for quick fixes and live up to unobtainable standards.

And to conclude we will be digging deep into your self-image, addressing 'stinking thinking,' taking a look into the way you are fuelling your body and mind and learning how to harness the power of your imagination to rewrite history and live each day fulfilled and with purpose.


It not only debunks myths related, and tells some home truths, but also makes you question your own life experiences and choices and how we can possibly make better choices in how we hold ourselves and navigate our way forward with the pressures of society and media weighing heavily on us.

a very practical yet sharing-is-caring approach to both mental and physical health from the outlook of an insider in the beauty industry.

I feel that especially for the upcoming generation this book will hold hope and answers and help them to understand and challenge what they are seeing and reading to see what the REAL REALITY really is!

I left it feeling inspired and motivated and better informed about lies that propagate online, and the tactics used by cosmetic companies to exploit people’s insecurities

An excellent book. Relatable, interesting and funny. A much needed investigation and analysis of the pressures and issues facing women today