10 Day Building Confidence MASTERY

I have a question for you.

Have you ever felt that’s something is missing in your life? That something’s not quite right?

Your confidence is shakey as there is this niggling feeling, but you can’t work out what it is?

Well, that was how I felt a few years ago, and it was driving me insane because I’m a ‘do-er’ and I was more than happy to do whatever I needed to, but I couldn’t work out what it was that I needed to do to change how I felt, and get rid of the feeling.

build your confidence

I couldn’t work out if it was a ‘me’ problem? If it was a ‘work’  problem? If it was a ‘life’ problem? And I was getting more and more frustrated asking myself “what is it? WHAT IS IT that’s wrong with me?! WHY am I feeling this way?”

So I did a lot of digging. A LOT of digging…

I had been a hair and makeup artist for over 10 years and I came to the conclusion that I was sick and tired of being part of an industry that was so invested in our lack of self-worth. The beauty industry makes it’s money from telling that we are not good enough as we are, and constantly telling us that we need things to make us “better” and more “beautiful.” And that just didn’t sit right with me. Makeup artistry for me had never been about the products. It’s been about the techniques; how you can play with what’s there. And over the years it has become increasingly about the marketing of products, the brands, buying things for the sake of it and discarding them shortly after when the next thing comes along.

Don’t get me wrong, innovation is great – particularly when it improves people’s lives and helps people – but what I was witnessing was beautiful people (men and women) have their self-worth plummet further and further. And it saddened me so much when nearly every single woman that sat in my makeup chair immediately apologised for the way that she looked, and in doing so, apologised for who she is.

It’s not OK.

It’s not OK that we feel this way.

And so I was called to start delving way deeper beneath the skin to uncover what was truly causing this lack of self-esteem and confidence within ourselves.  And it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us because we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people.

We compare ourselves in abilities when we look at the successes and achievements of others and we feel lack. But also, and perhaps more so, with the rise in social media platforms, we have more and more filters being used and more unobtainable standards being thrust upon us.

And so we wind up feeling that our lives are not good enough.

That we are not good enough.

And so we retreat back which plummets our self-worth and our self-esteem along with it. And this powerless feeling then infiltrates into all areas of our lives.


And it was then that my book came into fruition, it’s purpose to make the reader realise just how much power they have within themselves because every single one of us has this amazingness inside of us that makes us, us.

The problem is when you compare yourself with other people, you don’t use your power! You try to use theirs and in doing so you move away from yourself.  You’re not honing in your strengths, your abilities and your uniqueness, your power…

You’re denying yourself instead of identifying with yourself, and this is where you’re lowering your self-esteem and breeding fear.

But I have an antidote to this and I’d love to you on the journey of building self-confidence mastery which gives you the system to reinvent you life and career!


It’s a 10 day course where I take you through my 5 ‘I’ methodology of:

Staging the intervention

Interrupting negative thought processes

Setting the intention

Identifying with yourself

Finding your influence

There are 6 video trainings and 4 workbooks, that combined, give you the system and guides you to implement the changes necessary to reinvent any area of your life that you want to…

And once you get the 5 ‘I’s in place, it completely changes everything!

Your mindset will change, your outlook will change, you will regain focus, and you’ll experience an increase in energy… and then you’ll find that opportunities just come to you with your increased self-awareness to recognise them increased confidence to receive them.

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