7 Seconds: A Personal Impact session for women in business


Organisations that realise the massive value in gender balance, are serious about change and wish to give confidence to their female employees. *

Women who:
  • Want to capitalise on their best features and enhance their appearance
  • Want to gain confidence and boost their self-esteem
  • Are unsure which makeup shades are right for them
  • Are aware that some colours don’t suit them, but are unsure of which shades and colours to use as an alternative
  • Have been pressured into buying the wrong cosmetics from makeup counter staff have makeup products gathering dust and are tired of buying products only to realise that they are not right for them after using them at home
  • Are lacking the confidence to apply certain products and would like to learn the basics
  • Would like advice and guidance with how to present themselves on and off camera
    *The 7 Seconds Team is in support of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing and Goal 5: Gender Equality.


A half-day session comprising of:


Why first impressions count
The 7 second rule case studies
How you can influence yourself and others by adjusting your appearance


Learn from real-life scenarios where a little effort spent on personal appearance has had a positive impact on all areas of their work and personal life


Learn time-saving tips and techniques from a professional hair and makeup artist
Learn how to get a grip on your appearance quickly and easily in the mornings
Cosmetics simplified so you can make the right future purchases and save money
Learn how to alter the shape of your face, facial features and conceal blemishes quickly and easily to increase your confidence
Learn how to capitalise on your best features
Increased confidence will enhance performance in all areas of work and personal life


A quality headshot is priceless. It not only gives you confidence, but it projects to your clients and prospects a very powerful and positive message.
It creates a human identity for your business, establishes your company identity, credibility and competence and increases the perceived value of your business. When presenting your business to the market through printed materials, social media or websites, a headshot forms the first impression; it makes your business stand out from the rest and allows your customers to easily identify with your company.
Every person will walk away with a skillfully crafted professional headshot which will portray confidence and approachability and that can be used for professional social media sites such as LinkedIn, corporate websites and brochures.
Also included will be a stunning portrait – something a little more ‘sassy’ that can be shared with friends and family.

Learn how to look your best and get a photo that you are proud to share!

BEFORE: No makeup, Shadows on face and yellow cast across hair and skin due to non professional lighting
AFTER: Simple, natural makeup, No shadows, correct hair and skin colour due to professional lighting

Why 7 Seconds? Estimates vary, but psychologists tell us that this is the amount of time it takes for a first impression to be formed. We take in an amazing amount of information incorporating physical appearance, dress, handshake, eye contact, voice and posture, even before we start to listen to what is being said.

Often, when exceptional challenges are being endured, femininity can be forgotten about, but through professional coaching, and with the right combination of products, women can feel a significant boost to their wellbeing by enhancing their mood and increasing productivity in all areas of their work and personal life.

Research carried out in 2017 by researchers from Harvard Medical School, USA, and the University of Chieti, Italy, found that wearing makeup can not only give women a confidence boost but can also boost cognitive abilities.

The “lipstick effect” is a known psychological phenomenon in which wearing makeup can give individuals a confidence boost by making them feel more physically attractive, increasing feelings of self-esteem, attitude, and personality.

However, a less well-known effect is that a boost in self-esteem can also boost cognitive abilities.*

Designed by top makeup artist, Camilla Collins and headshot and portrait photographer, Nick Gibbons, this is a bespoke half-day programme of group and one to one activities designed to boost confidence and enable female professionals to look and feel their best at all times.

We both believe that a woman can look her most striking with makeup techniques and shades that bring out her natural beauty, focussing on her assets and emphasising those so that any features she’s less happy about aren’t so obvious.

Camilla will carefully guide your employees on how to achieve this and Nick will capture their new look with some stunning corporate headshots and portraits.

* https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/17703/20170801/wearing-makeup-gives-women-confidence-and-makes-them-feel-smarter.htm; https://www.cogentoa.com/article/10.1080/23311908.2017.1327635

Renewed energy, focus and new found confidence for female employees: Better Team player, More Optimism, Greater Enthusiasm, Fully Engaged, Increased Self-Esteem



As well as one-to-one makeup/confidence tuition and professional headshots and portraits you will receive:

Goodie bags inc. a 7-piece professional make up brush set.

A make-up tutorial workbook detailing all the make-up advice given to you, plus hints and tips to keep you looking your best.

Healthy drinks and snacks.

COST:   £3,000

(maximum 10 people)