Confidence Coaching


A lack of self-confidence affects all areas of your life; it forces you to stay in relationships that are not right for you, miss out on career opportunities for fear of putting yourself forward and can cause you to withdraw from life as a whole.  If left unaddressed, your lack of self-confidence can spiral further resulting in more and more self-doubt which lowers your self-esteem and impacts you mentally, financially and spiritually.

Your lack of self-confidence could be caused by a number of factors such as your upbringing, a work or home environment, or specific events that have happened in your life. Whatever the reason, it does not define you and it can be changed.

Our quick-fixing culture has led us to believe that we can outsource confidence, but we can’t, building true self-confidence is an inside job.

Are you inspired by your own ideas but then find you can’t follow make them happen? Perhaps you turn into a jibbering wreck in the presence of particular people? Or maybe you’re just not happy with the way you look? Whichever way lack of confidence is showing up for you, in your work or personal life, we can work through it.

If you are struggling to act with confidence and achieve the success that you want then it’s your self-perception that needs to be changed, and your self-image realigned, which is exactly what I can support you with through my one to one programmes.


This programme is designed to reboot your mindset and raise your self-awareness to allow you to move past your limiting beliefs, identify your strengths and regain your confidence.

If there are a few specific areas that you are struggling to move forward with then this programme will guide you to push through.

  • 5 hours of 1:1 calls 
  • 1 hour check-in support call
  • 5 workbooks 
  • Unlimited support via email/messenger for duration

Cost: £1,200

To see if the Push programme would be right for you




This programme is a deeper dive into your limiting beliefs and your style of life. We spend more time untangling your limiting beliefs and take repeatable action to rebuild your confidence and push through your blocks.

If you are struggling with confidence in many aspects of your work and personal life and can’t pinpoint specific areas, or see a way out, then this programme is for you.

  • 10 hours of 1:1 calls 
  • Additional weekly check-ins
  • 2 hours of aftercare support calls
  • 6 workbooks 
  • Unlimited support via email/messenger for duration

Cost: £2,200

To see if the Rebuild programme would be right for you


Bespoke programmes and one-off strategy and support calls are also available upon request which we can discuss during the discovery call if neither programme is right for you.


Grace Vicary

“Camilla is a bubbly and practical coach who knows the importance of energy, setting intentions and carrying out goals. I recommend her to anyone looking to jump-start an area of their life that has remained dormant for far too long. She knows how to focus you in the right direction”

Gali Admoni

“Camilla’s weekly classes have been a real lifeline during lockdown. I really love having her instruction and motivation during the HIIT sessions she runs. Her friendly and approachable style has meant that, even as a total fitness beginner, I was able to follow along and get fit while having fun. Her recent publication on self-confidence was really well informed, interesting and accessible – I’d highly recommend it to anyone at any stage of their self-care journey as you’ll learn something from any level you’re starting at. The flexibility of what she offers means that you can work at your own pace. I can’t imagine a more wonderful woman to guide you through the challenges of modern life!”


During our time together we work through my 5 step methodology to confident living:




We discuss how lack of confidence is showing up for you and assess areas of your life that may not be supporting you. I will then devise a strategy specific to you and your lifestyle to aid you through the next 4 steps.



You will become aware of your negative thought processes and interrupt them. You will challenge your self-beliefs in order to change your self-perception and begin to rebuild trust in yourself and your abilities. With the use of prompts each day, you will infiltrate your automated responses and reframe your thinking.



You will get intentional with specific areas of your daily routine to provide clarity and stability. This frees up physical and mental energy so that you can regain your focus. We will look into where you have been and where you are heading in order to map out achievable goals and break them down into manageable steps to ensure that you reach them.



We will look into your past and identify your core strengths and weaknesses. Together we will explore ways in which you can work upon your strengths to build your confidence in the most effective way possible - quickly and easily. You will reconnect with yourself and create an actionable plan to excel your confidence by capitalising on your unique abilities.



As your environment plays a huge part in your mental wellbeing you will be looking at your physical work and home space as well as the people you are spending your time with. You will identify your motivators and inspirers as well as those who do not support your growth. You will learn how to reform your support network to provide the highest amount of aid and accountability for you to obtain your goals and continue building your confidence.