The House of Confidence

Is the uncertainty of the future increasing your anxiety?

Do you feel stuck, not knowing how, or which way, to move forward?

Have the weeks of self-isolation produced some unhelpful behavioural patterns and caused you to notice your limitations?

Do you want to move past your self-doubt and grow your confidence to take back control of your life and your future?

There are a lot of things outside of our control right now but there is one thing that you can have control of, and that is yourself. Never has there been a more important time for you to take your life in our own hands and have the confidence to create stability for your own future.

Every single one of us has amazing capabilities inside of us and self-assurance and confidence is something that we all have – it’s in there somewhere! 

Our upbringings and environments don’t always enhance all of our abilities but it doesn’t mean they aren’t already there and can’t be recognised and developed – it’s never too late to start working on them.

The House of Confidence has been built to support people in mastering their self-confidence. It’s a one-stop-shop of lifestyle building and life skill learning to support your personal growth and development so you can move confidently through life – no longer experiencing self-doubt or fearing the unknown. It’s sole purpose is to allow you to build up your self-assurance so that you can get yourself moving confidently, in whatever you want to do, and we provide a safe and supportive space for you to do so.


So what can you expect?

The house consists of 4 areas:

The Confidence Corner

  • Confidence building videos.

  • Weekly insights.

  • Tools and materials to support your personal growth.


Life Skills Centre


  • Life skill workshops with guest experts – anything from cookery classes and financial support to gardening and home decluttering.

  • Motivational talks from special guests to get you all fired up!

  • Q&A’s with some inspirational guests.


Wellness Centre

  • Livestream workouts 3 times a week that you can participate easily from home.

  • Health & wellbeing sessions from guest experts.

  • Fitness & Nutrition Advice.


The Lounge

  • Relaxed and fun social events.

  • Monthly challenges and accountability pairings. 


Our carefully curated line up of life skill masters will provide you with inspiration and expert teachings each month to enhance your lifestyle. We will be working with you through the steps and giving you the tools to allow yourself to build your self-esteem and live confidently in all that you do.

Self-confidence building isn’t just about “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” it’s about incorporating elements naturally into your lifestyle and working through blocks with the right support network. Building self-confidence is near impossible for you to do by yourself as you need the right community of support around you to strengthen your self-belief system, and that is exactly what we provide at The House of Confidence.

We are just finishing setting up our rooms and are very much looking forward to opening the doors to the house in the Summer.

We are only taking in a small group of founding residents to start with in order to ensure that everything is to everyone’s liking, as well as keeping the house a safe space. This also allows us to provide the best service possible to those who join us.

Founding residents will have access to the house at a reduced rate of £14.99 per month and this rate won’t ever increase for as long as they stay with us.  When we are ready to invite more members in then the monthly rate will be increasing to £34.99.

As a founding resident you will also receive 1:1 calls for additional support with your self-confidence and we’re also very keen to get continuous feedback from you on what specific events you would like to see (or not to see!) in the house so we can arrange this and make it as homely as possible for you.