Camilla has gained a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of people, on a variety of projects, across many industries. She has worked within corporations on personal presentation skills for business, alongside creatives in film, editorial and fashion, as well as with individuals on a closer personal level. She is the founder and owner of multiple makeup agencies that all provide a creative makeup based solution tailored to the end market. As well as individuals, Camilla has worked with luxury brands and larger companies such as MTV, Investec, Lee Cooper, Claridge’s, Fortnum and Mason, Louis Vuitton, Warner Brother’s Studio Tour, Rimmel and Google.

Over the years Camilla has received recognition, nominations and won awards for her work. Her first was winning the Hitched Breakthrough Award (HBA) back in 2012 and her most recent being selected as a national finalist for the Professional Beauty Awards 2018 as Best Make-Up Artist and being selected as a regional finalist for the South East of England in The Wedding Industry Awards 2019.

Specialist speaking areas:

  • Presentation and confidence skills
  • Self-image and regulating self-concept
  • Makeup artistry: application and techniques
  • Self-transformation through the 5 I’s of her 'Inside Out' methodology


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THE 7 SECOND RULE: Why first impressions really do count


THE WORLD IS A STAGE: Getting into character through "masks" and "costumes"


FAKE IT TO MAKE IT: Conveying confidence to others but firstly to yourself


THE NO BS MAKEUP TUTORIAL: Live demo with no nonsense





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My entire life I have played around with my own appearance and for the last 10 years I have been playing with other peoples. And what I have learnt is this: Improving your appearance with cosmetics may make you feel better at the time but it is not a sustainable tools for confidence and happiness in the long run. We should be capitalising on every single one of our unique qualities, inside and out, as only then can we be truly confident and happy.


Camilla Collins