A Lesson To Help You Achieve Your Goal


Yay Friday is finally here!

It’s Friday, and I am particularly excited for Friday this week because tomorrow I’ll be getting up early, taking a long drive to Margate, and donning a sparkly bikini on stage! πŸ‘™βœ¨

Unless you’ve been following me on social media then you probably haven’t got a clue what I’m on about because I don’t think I mentioned that after saying I wasn’t going to do a bikini show I changed my mind at the last minute… and then changed my mind at an even later minute and decided I was going to compete twice in 2 show… on back-to-back weekends!! πŸ˜…

Now, there’s a story and a lesson here for you, so keep reading…

My decision to do a show at all came from the fact that I had built such a strong lifestyle change in lockdown earlier this year that despite me hitting up the bars and restaurants in a big way after the fitness photoshoot and with lockdown having just eased, I found myself 4 weeks later pretty much in the same condition, my training routine intact and diet on point automatically most of the time that it got me thinking to myself:

πŸ€”  “why not do a show?”

I have the bikini, and it always feels so good to be working towards a tangible goal…. so I decided I was going to go for it and gave myself 5 weeks to prep…

but on week 3 I found myself getting a little complacent…

It was a Saturday evening and the weather was glorious that weekend, I was lying in bed trying to sleep but could smell everyone else’s BBQs and see and hear my neighbours drinking G&Ts and partying in the garden.

The fact that I couldn’t drink alcohol, or eat what I wanted from a BBQ (or anywhere else for that matter), hadn’t bothered me up until now but as I lay there that evening my mind started wandering…

“prep is going well, I’m sure I could get away with a cheat meal” 

“one night of drinking wouldn’t do too much damage would it?”

And I began convincing myself that my goal wasn’t that important to me and I’d rather do other things.

Thankfully I caught myself out in time on this one and after about 30 minutes of these thoughts, I flipped my thinking!

Instead of fantasising of ways to move away from my goal I began fantasising about ways I could move further towards it.

And that is where the idea of doing a show a week earlier came into my head. My mind then started wandering off in a different direction…

“wouldn’t it be better to practice my posing on an actual stage instead of the kitchen?”

“the more experience I get the better I will be”

“It’ll be something different and fun to do on the weekend to look forward to”

and so on…

It took a quick message to the lovely Tom Blackman the following day:

“Hey! Reckon we can dial me in a week early so I can do a show the week before??πŸ˜… “

His answer was yes, and so here I am, 2 weeks later, Iooking like Casper the ghost having scrubbed my skin bare of any tan reminiscents, ready to be bronzed beyond recognition for the stage tomorrow!

You see, what happened when I woke up that following day and messaged Tom, was that I found myself:

– Re-engaged in my goal

– Re-energised for it

– And able to ramp up momentum to have a very enjoyable 2 weeks prep for an earlier show instead of a 3-week slog for the original one which is what would have likely been the case if I’d not taken action.

So my key message to you today is:

If you start feeling complacent or resistance towards your goals, don’t suffer it, instead take action and get your creative thinking cap on to come up with ways to re-engage yourself.  This will always mean leaning further into it somehow… and potentially bringing those goalposts forward… πŸ˜‰

In other news, I finally got my arse in gear and edited a new vlog episode, this one is all about Bibi and her arrival into our crazy household – if you like puppies then you’ll enjoy this!

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