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My mission is to support as many of you as possible to realise the greatness inside and outside of you so that you can live authentically and achieve great things in the world with true confidence and self assurance…


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An excellent book. Relatable, interesting and funny. A much needed investigation and analysis of the pressures and issues facing women today
It not only debunks myths related, and tells some home truths, but also makes you question your own life experiences and choices and how we can possibly make better choices in how we hold ourselves and navigate our way forward with the pressures of society and media weighing heavily on us.
a very practical yet sharing-is-caring approach to both mental and physical health from the outlook of an insider in the beauty industry.
I feel that especially for the upcoming generation this book will hold hope and answers and help them to understand and challenge what they are seeing and reading to see what the REAL REALITY really is!
I left it feeling inspired and motivated and better informed about lies that propagate online, and the tactics used by cosmetic companies to exploit people’s insecurities