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I’ve learned a lot in my 33 years on this planet but this week’s podcast episode would have been a ridiculously long one if I called them all out. Instead, I’ve picked the most important lessons to share with you on the #NoFilterNeeded podcast.

The first of the lessons I’m going to expand on a little here though because I think it’s a particularly important one to keep in mind at this time with so many people starting over in careers, relationships with others, and even relationships with themselves.

And this lesson is something I have to remind myself of on the regular, but perhaps never more so than in the last 7 months! It’s been a daily chant this one… among alot of other chants!

And it is… ⁣


Recently I have repeatedly been taking myself back to when I started out in my makeup artistry career, 11 years ago, and reminding myself of the feeling of starting from scratch. ⁣⁣

When we’ve been doing something for so long we can all too easily forget the full picture. And my goodness was it a confusing and frustrating time trying to work out how to trade my skills for money, and how to get people to work with me, or get agents to put me on their books! But I got there… well, the last part, I actually did one better and created my own agency… and then 2 more! ⁣⁣

But my point is none of it was built overnight.

And I, like so many others at the moment in one way or another, am starting from scratch in some areas – hello online business world! I’ve been avoiding you for over a decade! – and I have to remind myself that things take time to build, and you often don’t see the progress. Much like planting a seed and watering the soil daily but seeing no change at all for ages, and then suddenly one day you see a little something appear and then a little more and the plant becomes very visible! But if you had stopped watering that soil, assuming that it wasn’t helping that seed to grow then there would be no plant and no flower. So you try another seed and give up on that one, and then plant another and do the same. There are a lot of people who live their entire lives like this (I’ve been guilty of it too!) but all this behaviour does is form a belief that things don’t work out for you and every time you abandon something and move onto something different you strengthen that belief until anything you want to do feels hopeless so you don’t bother trying.⁣

⁣So my message to you today, whatever you are doing right now in your life, is just damn well keep on going! It’ll happen, it’ll come.

Have faith.

Hold trust.

And believe.⁣

… And if you want to know the other 4 lessons then tune into episode 30 of the podcast by clicking here! 

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