I didn’t take my own advice…


It was one of the hottest days of the year (this Tuesday) and as most people in the UK went to sleep that night with no duvet, their windows wide open, and with very little clothing on as possible… I took myself off to bed in my winter pyjamas, my dressing gown, fur slipper boots on… and with the heavy-duty bedspread thrown on top for good measure.

I was not very well at all.

I am very rarely unwell (unless it’s a self-inflicted hangover) so I assumed it had to be Covid.

Assuming it was Covid was me refusing to take responsibility for my actions.

It turns out it wasn’t Covid, I was rundown…
But in fairness to me, I didn’t have a choice…

Wait, what am I talking about??  We ALWAYS have a choice.  

And that’s why hindsight is a real arse of a thing – as I look back and see the very obvious wrong choices I made 🙈

Since the easing of lockdown in April, the makeup agencies have risen from the ashes like a Pheonix, and I got so swept up by it that I completely forgot that my plate was pretty full already.

The wrong choices that I made were:

1. Allowing my controlling ways to get the better of me and not delegating when I needed to.

2. People-pleasing and saying yes when it should have been an immediate No.

2. Not taking into consideration the different types of projects I am engaging with and the different energy and ‘space’ they require from me to carry them out well.

3. Not re-prioritising my current commitments around my new ones.

4. ignoring the signs and continuing to push through when my mind and body was begging me to stop and make some changes.

5. Putting money before my health and wellbeing – there, I said it!

Now, I had good reasons for doing all those things at the time, but those reasons don’t seem like good ones now because I was bed-bound for nearly 3 days and have been as much use as a chocolate teapot.

The fact of the matter is:

If we do not manage ourselves and our lives effectively and ignore what our bodies are telling us then they eventually say “well, screw you then, I’m out!” 

I’m now on antibiotics which should have me back fighting fit again soon, and despite feeling pretty rubbish I have a lot of lessons to work with… and now some changes to implement with my workload and schedule.

I’m sharing this with you today because I know I’m not the only one spinning plates and damaging their mental and physical health in the process; so if that’s you, then I hope this is a little wake-up call and you stop and reassess before you knock yourself over – As the saying goes – Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Moving my personal lessons and takeaways to the side, having managed to keep my workload afloat (just!) it meant that this week’s #NoFilterNeeded Podcast episode went live, and it is an interview with the lovely Claire Perry-Louise.

Claire is a purpose-driven Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker who has been consulting in the culture and community space since 2013.

Claire’s vision is for a world where employee happiness is the norm and not the exception, and in this episode, we discuss a few things that I believe are relevant to us all:

  • Building trust and relationships through empathy.
  • Ways of communicating with others.
  • The downsides of Social Media with anxiety.
  • Giving value and attracting opportunities.
  • Knowing your self-worth, and not giving all of you away.


I hope you have a restful weekend – I will be doing my very best to – doctor’s orders after all! Catch you soon lovely! 😊


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