It’s Time To Stop Feeling Powerless


As the number of Coronavirus cases are on the rise, as entire cities are closing down, as more and more people are going into isolation, are you feeling increasingly worried about how things are going to pan out?

Is the widespread panic and fear wreaking havoc with your ability to think clearly about the future?

Is your confidence dwindling in how the world will recover from this and what that means for you and your future?

It’s certainly had me questioning and I’ve been back and forth to all sides of the spectrum with it in the last week.

I own not one, but two, live event service businesses. As of today, pretty much the whole of my income this month has been wiped with the pull of every single one of our 6 events (bar one this weekend)…. and who knows what the future holds and how long it will last.

Am I worried?  Well, big-ass, life-changing stuff seems to excite me more than terrify me. It switches my brain into another gear, it unleashes my creativity as part of a fight or flight response – one might say I’m good in a crisis. 

I built my first ever business CJC Hair & Makeup during the recession in 2009 and I know there are always possibilities and opportunities – they may not be the ones that we were after – but we have to be open-minded to notice them, and willing to adapt to grab them.

So much has changed and it will continue changing and while change is uncomfortable, it’s how we and the world evolve.  We can’t resist or ignore it because change will happen anyway, whether we like it or not, so we can muscle up and look for the sparks where our creativity and our unique human ability can thrive…. or we can retreat into the shadows and be resentful about how things aren’t the way they used to be, driving every opportunity away from us.

I gave up my anxiety for the big stuff a while ago, and so now it’s when I’m not paying attention or keeping myself in check it’s normally the smaller stuff that gets me.

Push has come to shove with what I’ve been working on the last year, in fact it’s all my knowledge and research of the last decade. And imposter syndrome can do one as I now feel a sense of duty to share it with others even though I was waiting for the whole “package” to be completed.  The book was just the start but now I’m stepping up into the reality of it to start sharing every which way I can to anyone who will listen. 

None of us are robots and we are all feeling it at the moment, financially, mentally and spiritually, and that is why I don’t just feel but KNOW it is imperative to get a grip on yourself now.

How? Through science.

Allow me to explain:

There are 3 parts to the brain known as the reptile, mammal and primate.

1) The reptile part of the brain is what is responsible for our survival and maintenance, and when this part of the brain feels threatened such as loss of earnings or threat of illness then we feel fear.

2) The mammal part of the brain regulates our emotions and desires, and is responsible for our reward and motivation responses.  If rewards suddenly appear unobtainable, such as cancelled work engagements, holidays, or social plans then it’s needs are not being met and we feel frustrated.

3) And our primate part of the brain’s main need is connection, so any “self-isolation” orders are going to wreak havoc with it and wind us up feeling down.

Still with me? Good, because this bit is important:

So, this last part of the brain also handles the higher functions and it’s where we do our best thinking, yet, most of us can’t get there right now as the current crisis is firing off reptile and mammal responses left right and centre before the primate part of the brain can even get a look in!

BUT there is good news.

Getting your reptile and mammal under wraps is simple to do once you know how. And once you’ve got a grip on it then you are able to move into far more rational, creative and inspiring thought processes to turn negative experiences on their head which means you can actually come out on top in all areas of life – work and personal.

I have been studying this for a decade and I am building a programme which has been under development for a year, while it’s not ready to launch yet, I am unable to sit by and do nothing at this time as I feel the world needs this now more than ever and it cannot wait, so at 4pm on Sunday I will be hosting a live (and free to attend) call to explain some processes and give you some tools to rise above these perceived anxious and fearful times and I will be of course be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

There really is no better, but more importantly, NECESSARY, time to rise above it, flip your thinking and make the current situation work in your favour.

It’s the only way to regain power, control and assurance over yourself and your life.

Join us on the call on Sunday here.

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