The New Journey

It’s funny how things work out… actually, no, funny isn’t the right word, that’s just a stock phrase which we’re all so used to using; and not just phrases, stock everything – stock lifestyles, stock clothing, stock emotions.

The word “funny” would be a huge downplay over the monumentality of what is happening across the globe right now, and what is happening within every person that resides on it.

There are two very opposing results coming from this pandemic. On one hand, thousands of lives are tragically being lost, millions of livelihoods are being destroyed and fear has swept the globe in a way that we never thought possible. But on the other hand, the entire world has leveled; a sense of unity between all of us on this planet is in formation and a huge shift within every individual is taking place.

Not one life has gone untouched in one form or another.

There is a hugely positive shift that is putting people back in touch with their values, with their sense of purpose, and reconnecting them with not just others but also themselves. This reconnection is coming from a place of love and a place of certainty within us. I believe we are all calling on the very cores of our being right now, as only now with our world so fragile and uncertain, do we realise that we are in fact the only certainty. And it is from this place of love and acceptance of ourselves and those around us that unity between all of us is being formed.

As much as we have preached to others and been trying our hardest to live by our own truth, so many of us have never been able to fully get there. And honestly, deep down I believed that we were too far gone to ever get back to where we once were and who we truly are.

But, here we are.

It’s taken our entire lives as we know them to be suspended, our “stuff” that we placed so much value on and defined ourselves by to be stripped away, and the things that we really care about but took for granted to be threatened for us to finally get to our hearts and recognise ourselves.

Whether it’s mother nature, God, or some conspiracy theory; that is merely a detail in the grand scheme of things. This pandemic is the catalyst for the formation of a better world for all of us to be in.

We have had the wake-up call and we are just getting started on our new journey where we can welcome peace, joy and happiness once again into our lives now that we truly know what we need for it – which is very little and all of it free.  We are currently in education; a crash course in love, in values and in sustainability.  We have the opportunity to make our planet a healthy and thriving environment to carry out our lives in now that we can fully see the consequences of our actions.

The planet is indeed healing; the skies are blue, the water runs clear and the birds have never chirped away so happily. There is beauty all around; in nature, in human connection, in ourselves. And every single one of us has ability to serve others expecting nothing in return, and every single one of us will be served by others in the very same way. This is what makes the world go round and will provide a beautiful life for us all.



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