Are You Meeting Your Needs?


According to Maslow we have 5 human needs; basic needs, psychological needs and self-fulfillment needs. The catch, however, is that the self-fulfillment needs cannot be met without the psychological needs, and those needs can’t be met until the basic needs have been fulfilled. So, in short, you cannot live to your full potential unless you keep your whole house in order.

The importance of paying attention to all elements of your life is something I emphasise day in, day out through my self-Image and confidence work, and it’s put into practice with my 5 step methodology.

So how do you get our house in order?

First up, at the very basic level, you need to ensure that you are well nourished with nutritious food, plenty of water, and ample rest. You also need to ensure that you are feeling safe and secure. If any of these needs aren’t being met properly then it’s going to hinder your ability to meet your psychological needs. Meeting these basic needs may seem obvious and simple to do, but for that exact reason they can be quite easily forgotten and neglected ie. when your social calendar fills up, or work gets busy causing you to put late nights in and grab junk food on the go. You need to consciously check that these needs are being met regularly.

Human beings crave connection and love in order to feel that we belong, and we get this from our friendships as well as our romantic relationships.

Assuming that you are eating well, sleeping well, and not feeling unsafe or threatened then you need to take a look at how your psychological needs are being met.  Belongingness allows you to feel supported which allows you to branch out of your comfort zone and grow. Essentially, your feeling of belonging motivates your behaviour. Your esteem works in two parts; esteem for yourself – in terms of dignity, independence and achievement – and then your status and prestige which you qualify for through your reputation and respect from others.

And at the top of the hierarchy is self-fulfillment. All the previous needs must be met, more or less, before you are able to realise your full potential and seek personal growth to accomplish your goals and achieve the most that you are capable of.

It’s about everything working together harmoniously, rather than working through this all as a checklist. It’s something to be mindful of on a weekly, or ideally a daily basis. 

I believe self-awareness is the key to living confidently and ensuring your basic human needs are being met will allow you to achieve high performance in whatever you set out to do – this could be an academic or career progression, being a great parent, or expressing and achieving creatively through painting, sculpting or inventing.

Keep shining, keep smiling!

Camilla x

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