Think Outside The Box

So today’s topic is inspired by a conversation I was having with a friend yesterday.

I always encourage myself to ‘think outside the box’ wherever possible as that’s where creative solutions come from and new opportunities present themselves. But it’s not always easy when surrounded by ‘in the box’ thinkers who tell us to be practical or sensible, or worse, careful. Which is why our environment and the company we keep is so important to us.

So this conversation I had with my friend yesterday was with regards to business. We were talking about possible partnerships for his fitness and weight-loss business and he was torn between his want for money and his need for life satisfaction. He suggested partnering with gyms and offering his program there, but I couldn’t be less enthralled with that idea as it was just too obvious. I’m sure many have tried and I was exhausted at the first thought, thinking of the hoops he’d have to jump through, not to mention the ‘red tape’ with larger corporate gyms. The idea was just uninspiring.

So I told him about my friend, Zoe – a psychotherapist, whom along the same line of thinking would have partnered with a corporate or school to look after the mental wellbeing of employees and students.  Instead, however, she has some super cool partnerships and joint ventures going on with well-known fitness clothing brands, well-known gyms and she’s even created an entire fitness concept for a physical and mental health workout with ROWBOTS.  Zoe provides one-to-one counseling for her clients like most would imagine a psychotherapist would, but she combined her expertise with her love of fitness to seek out new and exciting opportunities, none of which are an obvious choice. This type of outside the box thinking has landed her even more opportunities with a book deal earlier this year and the latest partnership with Iceland – the country not the shop!

If you fancy letting off some steam then click here and have a scream into your phone and which will be played across the Icelandic countryside!


Now I know these stories relate to business but it goes for everything in life – You can apply it to your workplace, personal hobbies or even your dating life!

We live in a time where so many things have been done before but we are all still hungry for new experiences.

This world needs you to let your thoughts run wild to inspire others to do the same so that we can innovate and create amazing life experiences for ourselves.

It can be easy to dismiss our ideas as daft or silly or too “out there” especially when surrounded by people who take comfort in their box, but, I guarantee you that there is someone else out there who thinks your off the wall ideas are just what the world needs and when you find and join forces with these people you will create magic.

So don’t be afraid to speak up. I’m a HUGE fan of speaking things into existence and the act of writing things down or sharing your ideas verbally with others brings you that one step closer to making them a reality.

Whether it’s pitching a new idea to your boss, dreaming up a new venture for your own business, or doing some crazy activity that few will do. Think outside the box. There are people out there who will be inspired by you. And if someone doesn’t like your idea or thinks your nuts, that’s no harm done, go and tell it to someone else – there are billions of people on the planet many of whom are waiting for someone to join forces with, be it in business or love.

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