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1:1 Lifestyle


Join me on a highly motivational 12 week journey

where we’ll create, and implement, a healthier and happier lifestyle strategy which elevates your mindset and boosts your self-confidence! 

Together we’ll develop an easy-to-adopt lifestyle plan that works for you (and your busy schedule) which streamline’s your days, and send your energy levels soaring!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage your time more effectively.
  • Overcome procrastination.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.
  • Gain clarity to refocus, and prioritise.
  • Improve your physical and mental health.
  • Cultivate a supportive environment 


Gaining you more time and freedom to focus on the things that matter most to you.

You’ll also gain the knowledge, insights, and the tools to ensure that if you ever do fall off track  you can to get yourself back on it quickly and easily.

confidence coach uk camilla collins

During our time together you’ll gain serious traction on yourself with the consistency of your programme and the daily accountability with myself.

You’ll embed the habits which will keep you motivated and energised every day.

By the end of the 3 months you’ll have a routine that you love, which runs on autopilot, and is fully sustainable



What you fuel your body and mind with and your style of life directly impacts how you look and feel which in turn dictates your outlook and feelings towards yourself and your abilities.

Your CJC Coaching app will be programmed just for you with:

  • Your super flexible nutrition plan to ensure your energy levels are high, hormones balanced, and mood elevated to perform each day at your best.
  • Personalised SMART goals and your very own tailored habit tracker to keep you motivated and hold you accountable.  
  • Tailored daily activity plans to keep you moving and energised.
  • 1:1 weekly progress checks-ins and progress analysis.
  • Direct message –  always on hand with A’s to your Q’s!


INNERGISE reignites your fire, reminds you of what lights you up, rebuilds your confidence, and gives you the tools to reclaim your identity, making each and every week energising and exciting.



£ 1450
  • 12 weeks 1:1 coaching
  • 1 hour on boarding call
  • Concise report detailing the areas we will be I feel we should be working on
  • Further x6 coaching calls
  • Custom nutrition plan tailored to you and your goals from our in house nutritionist, Tom Blackman
  • Custom activity plan tailored to your abilities and accessibility
  • Tools and resources that make it easy for you to take action
  • Personalised App Access
  • Tailored SMART goals and habit tracking
  • Weekly check-ins, coaching, and guidance
  • On demand support from me with direct text and video messaging in app