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Confidence Building Walks With Purpose

Unlock your power with Soulful Strolls:

A unique netwalking experience crafted for those who seek connection, tranquility, and meaningful conversations amidst the beauty of nature.

Hi, I'm Camilla, and this is Arthur and Bibi

We relocated from London to Wiltshire in February 2023 and we are obsessed with our new habitat! 

This isn’t a new obsession however. 

We’ve been regularly road tripping our way out to Wiltshire and Somerset for strolls across fields, over stiles, and up mountains for a good few years now.


Because I had a realisation back in 2020 that walking outdoors, and in vastly beautiful rural locations, not only does wonders for my mental and physical health, but also allows me to tap into my higher thinking which unlocks creativity and enables me to innovate in business

And while it could be a good 3-5 hour round trip at a time to access these beautiful and soul lifting locations, it was worth it every time on both a personal, and professional level because… 

If I’m not thriving, then my business can’t either.

Making new connections and fostering relationships has been my lifeline in business since 2009. 

I’ll admit, I lost my way a little with the rise in digital and social media, and while online and social media marketing does have it’s place, I don’t believe it can ever replace real, in person, connections. 

With the online world nosier than ever, it’s getting increasingly harder to cut through and make a lasting impression – and it’s also becoming an increasingly distracting place to develop, nurture, or maintain any relationship in.

I love parties and I love meeting new people but I’m a bit of an introverted extrovert – or maybe extroverted introvert (??) – and between you and me I find 1-2-1 meetings quite intense… even with friends and family!

So you’d think online marketing would be my jam right?  

But it doesn’t light me up, it doesn’t energise me, and it does absolutely nothing for my soul.

As human beings we need real, in person, connection to truly feel connected, valued, and inspired.

Nothing can replace that. 

As much as I love meeting new people and hearing their stories (really I do!) I struggle to concentrate when boxed in a room at a breakfast or lunch networking meeting – and trust me I’ve been in many rooms over the last 14 years – It’s just not how I operate best and I know there are many others like me out there too – I’ve met a few and I’d love to meet more!

I’ve done my time with conventional networking… heck, I’ve done my time with convention!

Playing by the rules, falling in line, and following the masses doesn’t allow me or my business to evolve.

And it won’t allow you or yours to either.

And so I created soulful strolls for the mavericks of society, the ones who think a little differently (ok, maybe a lot!) and who deep down believe in their ideas… but somehow seem to get their confidence knocked every time by friends, family, or [insert person here] who are well meaning but just don’t “get” them and so they end up spending yet another year playing small.

Soulful Strolls is for those craving decent connections (yup, there’s a calibre here – quality over quantity!) with like-minded people to float their ideas without having them dashed down by other’s fears.

If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place.

I get you. I see you. I feel you. 

Because I am very much like you.

And so I invite you to walk with us.

 To feel and be understood. 

To be lifted up.

And to believe more in your wondrous ideas and gain the confidence to get them off the ground.



I’ve picked the top spots for vibe and scenery for our soulful strolls.

These are the locations that have called me to return to them time and time again… and I truly believe there is magic held in them:

Castle Combe (Cotswolds) 

Cheddar Gorge (Somerset)

Box (Wiltshire)

Selworthy (Exmoor)

Jurassic Coast (Dorset)

Four Waterfalls (South Wales)

Skirrid Fawr (South Wales)


🍃 Rejuvenation Of Your Spirit: 

Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature as you embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary walk. The carefully chosen routes provide the perfect backdrop for a soul-nourishing experience.

🗣️ Connect, Share, Inspire: 

It’s more than a walk; it’s an opportunity to engage in heartfelt and soulful conversations with like-minded individuals

Share stories, gain insights, and foster connections that go way beyond the surface.

🌿 Mindful Movement: 

Leave the hustle behind and embrace the rhythm of your footsteps (there’s real magic in that alone!) 

Mindful walking has proven benefits for mental well-being, and offers a chance to de-stress and find balance in your daily life.

🚶 Gentle Exploration: 

Each soulful stroll caters to different fitness levels so please check details on each location under the listing but each one enables you to take a (much needed) break from your routine and discover the joy of moving and exploring so much natural beauty…

🌅 Scenic Routes: 

Each stroll is carefully curated to showcase the beauty of our surroundings

From woodland wanders to tranquil coastal trails, you’ll find solace in the breathtaking landscapes that accompany your journey.

👥 Community Connection: 

Join a community of individuals who share your appreciation for nature, mindfulness, and authentic conversations

Forge connections that extend beyond the stroll, creating a supportive network for personal and business growth. 


Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-confidence, and powerful connection?

Of course you are!

Reserve your spot for the next Soulful Stroll and experience the magic that happens when nature, movement, and meaningful conversations converge.

👟 Limited Spaces Available: 

Our intimate groups ensure a personalised experience (10 people max) so secure your spot today before they fill up!

📆 Upcoming Strolls: 

Check the schedule via the button below for the next Soulful Stroll. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to rejuvenate your soul and connect with kindred spirits that will enable you to level up to the awesome human you are meant to be!

Join us for a Soulful Stroll, meet fellow mavericks, and discover the joy of walking with purpose that both you and your business will thank you for!

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