The Reflect & Reconnect


Reflect & Reconnect

October 2024 | Jamie's Farm, Wiltshire, UK


The Reflect & Reconnect Retreat

for burnt out business owners and creative entrepreneurs

The R&R Retreat is a re-aligning, and re-energising, 3 day experience for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs who want to gain more time, create more energy, and find more freedom in their life, while still pursuing a successful career.

Through the interactive workshops and lifestyle redesign process you’ll build habits that will better support you, and lay down solid foundations to become your most happy, energised, and confident self.


When pursuing your business dreams it can be hard to give yourself permission to take a step back and to reset.


Whether you’re a designer, planner, photographer, florist, stationer, stylist (or anything in between!) you can’t do your best work if you’re not looking after yourself first. 

This re-grounding retreat is exactly what you need to help you reconnect with your purpose, realign your self-image, and redesign your lifestyle so that you can serve yourself, and others, better.

I’m a huge advocate of the immense power in retreats.

Taking yourself out of your normal environment for a few days to open your mind and shift your perspective… in inspiring, yet calming surroundings… with other like-minded creatives and business owners…  

It can have transformative effects on both you and your business – it’s the perfect way to start the new year strong, ensuring you thrive in 2024!

Entrepreneurship and business ownership can be a lonely place at times – even the most self motivated can only get so far on their own – but coming together, sharing knowledge, and supporting and inspiring one another can unlock huge potential within you and build deep and meaningful relationships that will support you long after the retreat is over.

The retreat guides you to:

  • Step away from the hustle and bustle of life so you can embrace creativity 
  • Recover from burnout, rest, and reset
  • Find and connect with your core values and purpose
  • Shift your thinking and gain a better perspective
  • Re-gain balance in life (or find it for the first time!)
  • Re-think your agenda and reprioritise your efforts
  • Uncover what is holding you back and breakthrough blocks
  • Expand your thinking of what is possible for you
  • Network with passionate entrepreneurs like you and build collaborations for the future
  • Re-design your lifestyle to better serve and support you
  • Create a 90 day action plan to take home and implement

Creating this space to reflect and reconnect allows you to see your life and career, and what you want from it all, from a totally different perspective.

At the R&R retreat, you’ll find a wholesome & intimate space where you can connect with other like minded creatives and entrepreneurs.

You do so much for others, now it’s your turn.

You absolutely deserve this time and space away for yourself.

The R&R Retreat is for you if you are a small business owner or creative entrepreneur who would love (and needs!) some time out to reset, realign, and re-new your focus on what you really want from your life and business. And figure out how best to make that happen.

With powerful workshops, inspiring talks, confidence-building lifestyle strategy planning, delicious dinners, and invigorating walks in the beautiful countryside; this is a fully transformative experience where career and personal development come together.

By the end of the weekend you’ll walk away feeling inspired, re-energised, and not only confident, but excited, to put your 90 day lifestyle strategy and redesign into action!  

And to top it all off, you’ll leave with new friends and connections which elevate your network to support you better in both life and business moving forward.



At 4pm you’ll arrive to check-in and get yourself nicely settled in before meeting Camilla and your fellow retreat attendees for a relaxed dinner and drinks.


The morning will start with a scrumptious breakfast before a masterclass and interactive workshop followed by equine therapy and a nice countryside walk to work up an appetite for a lovely lunch.

 In the afternoon there is a lifestyle strategy workshop (where you’ll be creating your 90 day plan) before breaking for free time. 

In the evening you will experience a private dining experience, fire pit storytelling, and social time.


We start our day with a countryside walk to re-invigorate the mind before a leisurely brunch where you’ll experience a motivational talk, the final workshop, and an open Q&A session before the retreat concludes and everyone heads home.



10% of your investment will be donated directly to Jamie’s Farm to support them with all the wonderful life changing work that they do.


If you’re looking for a luxury setting then this is not the retreat for you. 

But if you’re looking for a safe space to relax, somewhere you can simply be yourself, and let go of that heavy load you’re carrying, then this is absolutely the retreat for you.

We will be a small and intimate group to ensure I can help everyone individually, and fully focus on you, your development, and what you are personally going through.

The retreat takes place on a working farm, it’s a wholesome space with a wonderful vibe. 

The animals are super friendly (particularly Pam and Mike, the pygmy goats!) and you are more than welcome to say hello to them should you wish. 

As someone who spends a lot of time working in the glitz and glamour of lavish events, and bustling around the busy city, I can easily lose touch with reality and I’ve found the countryside to be the perfect place to guide me back to it.

It provides much needed space for me to pause, to breathe, and to reconnect with what truly matters to me. 

And I wholeheartedly believe it can do the same for you.


Hi, I'm Camilla

I’m a confidence and lifestyle coach, author, and makeup agency CEO.

Having worked as a creative within the hospitality and events industry for over 15 year I know first hand the demands of running a business. And I also know how those demands have escalated in recent years with business owners and creative professionals having to meet ever increasing levels of customer service, and feeling like they have to be constantly switched on and visible in so many different places.

Burnout for business owners is real, and it becoming somewhat of an epidemic.

I’ve been a lifelong learner since battling my own mental health struggles with self-esteem and addiction through my teens and early 20’s, and have since been educating myself on all things personal development and psychotherapy. 

I’ve learned that realigning perspective, maintaining balance, and processing thoughts and emotions properly, is the key to stave off stress and avoid burnout.
And it is my own experience with burnout that has led me on my mission to reconnect other burnt our business owners and creatives with their values, and redesign their lifestyle, to better support them. 
This is what I help you with at my Reflect and Reconnect Retreat.


“At Jamie’s Farm we believe in the innate potential and good in every young person, no matter their background or life experiences.
Jamie’s Farm uniquely blends Farming, Family, Therapy and Legacy into a transformative 5-day residential programme with follow-up support.

Our impact is testament to this, revealing that young people leave the farm better equipped to thrive academically, socially and emotionally during their school years and beyond.”

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