A New Year Has Landed – Let’s Start It Right!


2023 has officially arrived and it’s full of promise and potential – as every new year always is!

After surviving the trials and tribulations of the past year (or past 3 should I say!) it’s a great opportunity to take stock of what you want from this year and how you plan to make it happen.

This first week of the new year I’ve been busy running a 5 day challenge – although, I’m definitely looking forward to some downtime next week. I didn’t have much chance to rest over Christmas, so 2022 just rolled into 2023 for me with barely a pause in between.

Just like how important my morning routine is for setting up the day ahead, I want to ensure that I was starting 2023 off on the right foot as well. The start of the year is a great time to utilise the fresh energy that comes with it and channel it towards whatever goals or resolutions you may have set out for yourself this year.

So the focus this week for me has been setting up the year properly.

Just like I take my morning routine ever so seriously in order to get off on the right foot for the day, I feel exactly the same about the New Year.

And I think it’s a great time to capitalise on the fresh energy a new year brings, and give that extra push so as to create momentum to cruise later on.

So I’ve been pushing away with work as well as in the gym this week – sometimes both at the same time! 

I’ve found doing some work tasks (watching online courses I’ve bought/catching up with group membership goings-on/email correspondence/planning/time blocking etc.) whIle I’m on the StairMaster or treadmill is a great productivity hack and keeps me pursuing my work and personal goals at the same time.  

I’m a huge advocate of stacking habits/tasks together. 

If something doesn’t come easy to you or you find yourself procrastinating over it, then stack it on top of something that does come easy that you want to do. 

Personally, I love doing my cardio because it makes me feel good, so getting little work tasks that I normally keep pushing to the side while I’m on it helps me get it done.

But then sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle to get myself moving in the mornings, but as I love food so much I say to myself that food comes after I’ve done 30 minutes of exercise, so that way I’m more motivated to do it because I’ve got a nice breakfast reward waiting for me after.

So think of the things that you put off and work out how you can stack them with something that you don’t need additional motivation to do.

Also, if you’re feeling the renewed focus, clarity, and energy of the new year then give yourself a little extra push on things – work or personal… or both – just for next week and see what momentum you can create to cruise on the following week. 

Remember just a temporary push, just for a week, then take your foot off the gas as you don’t want to burn yourself out; that totally defeats the object!

It’s all about living and working smarter. And doing so in a way that is in line with who you are and what you’re about.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of my top tips to start the new year right with you…


First off, make sure your space is organised and neat – whether that be at home or work – as having an orderly environment will give you a sense of control which can help create an atmosphere of productivity. Additionally, declutter any areas that are no longer in use or serve a purpose, such as getting rid of items that are old, or collecting dust, but still cluttering up valuable space in your home or workspace. But it’s not just physical things, this can absolutely be applied mentally; make room in your head by letting go of negative thoughts, memories, or emotions that no longer serve you. This then frees up space for more positivity and clarity to come into your life.


It’s also important to nourish both body and soul in order to kick off the new year with strength and stamina. Eating nourishing food and well-balanced meals regularly throughout the day provides sustainable energy, and exercising regularly helps keep our bodies fit as well as reducing stress levels by releasing endorphins – yup, get cashing in on those positive vibes by getting yourself moving!


Meditation is another handy technique which can offer us moments away from the busyness and stress of life as we take some simple time out just for ourselves. Taking notice of our breath helps bring our attention back into our body and then being mindful of our thoughts enables us to become aware when they start straying away again too quickly.


I’ve also started journaling again this year which has been a lovely way to kick of my day and help process some of the excitement spinning around my head at the prospect of a whole new year ahead to do whatever I want with!


And finally, it’s really important to connect with others around you during this new chapter; social connections are vital in relationships, both intimate and casual, so reaching out now helps to build strong foundations moving forward into 2023 (which you never know, could also lead do fun and exciting collaborations (work or personal) later in the year!)

So those are my top tips for getting the year off to a good start. Now, let’s see what we can create for ourselves this year shall we? And see where this next journey around the sun takes us…

Wishing you health, wealth, happiness, and all the good vibes this year!

Let’s go and get it!

And if you want some support with working out exactly what you want to get, and exactly what you need to do to get it, then book yourself in for a power hour with me – we’ll get you clarity around your vision for 2023 and devise a fool proof plan to ensure you make it happen!

Cam xx

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