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Wowee!  It’s been nearly a year since my last post. Yup, overwhelm got the better of me – something had to give…

You see I started writing this blog in lockdown… then I launched the podcast… then I launched youtube… but then everything opened back up, my agencies were back in operation, and as hard as I tried to keep all the plates spinning, yeah, it just wasn’t going to happen!

It was an A for effort, but definitely a D minus on the forward-thinking and planning front!  

But we live and learn, eh? And I’m not sure many of us were thinking clearly back in 2020 – or much of 2021 either (let’s not go into 2022 because it’s also been quite the sh*t show!) – I, like many of us during that time, was really questioning what I want out of my life. 

I’d say the last 2 and half years have been… pretty explorative!

The world has changed. 

People’s behaviour has changed. 

Business has changed…

Heck, I’ve changed!

And it’s not a positive or negative thing, it’s just simply… change

Change is inevitable. But it’s still uncomfortable.

Now, I’ll be honest with you, business not working like it used to, was extremely stressful to navigate.

But resistance is good. Because it makes us think more.

And so that has had me thinking (even more than usual!) as to what my purpose on this planet is.

What parts of my life and business do I want to move forward with? 

What parts do I want to let go of?

What is the unique value I can – and want – to give? 

And what are the best methods for me to give it?

I was beyond averse to doing business online a few years back – I’m very much a people’s person. I thrive off others’ energy when I’m in the room with them, I just really couldn’t see me working in any other way.  And without going all woo-woo on you, visualisation is very important if we want to do something because it primes both our body and our mind to take the actual steps in real life.

If we want something we have to visualise it first, and for me, an online coaching business wasn’t something I could see happening. 

Because I didn’t want it to.

My belief was that we are already spending too much time online, and so creating an online coaching business would have me contributing to the problem, which I refused to do.

It was a very similar reaction to the one I had to my makeup artistry career and working in the beauty industry as a whole when I wrote #NoFilterNeeded.

But a girl is allowed to change her mind! 

(and she is also allowed to take her time coming around to an idea – we have to be sure after all!)

I still think the beauty industry is pretty toxic (I’m working on that!) but I have spent the last 18 months experiencing firsthand – on both sides – the benefits of coaching online.  And as it turns out, the pros actually far outweigh the cons.

After being forced to deliver workshops online I realised that I could still make one heck of an impact, but I could also do so much more; I could reach more people, I could communicate more effectively, I could create empowering communities with less resistance, and what I got most excited about (because I bloody LOVE a bargain!) I could charge less, which makes it accessible to more people.

Everybody wins!  

These last 18 months I have been testing away with coaching others online, but also being coached myself online (both on a professional and personal level) and I’ve learned so much. And from being coached by others online not only have I been able to visualise better outcomes for my clients and create a better service but I can hand on heart say I’ve had way more powerful transformations physically and mentally than from any coaches and mentors I’ve seen previously in person.

So why am I sharing this all with you?

Well (aside from being an over-sharer by nature) I wanted to show that while our beliefs may seem grounded in morals and well-meaning, sometimes they hold us back from serving ourselves in the best way possible and also serving others.

While you may not feel you’re here to “serve” others, I’m sure you have friends and family whom you love and want to be there for and support to your best ability, and because the world will evolve with or without us, we have to be flexible with our thoughts, be willing to adapt, and most importantly be willing to challenge our beliefs – which may have supported and served us for many years.. but might need a little tweak and update.

I believe we should always be working on our mindset, popping our beliefs and the reoccurring thoughts of ours under the microscope every so often, to recognise and uproot any that limit us. In order to do this of course we have to park our ego to the side for a minute (easier said than done I know! but possible.) 

This helps us to move forward and not stay stuck in this game of life. 

And yes, I very much see it as a game… because I like to play – we all do – there is a child inside all of us just longing to play.

We choose how we interpret everything in life.

I see no benefit in making things heavy for the sake of it.

It only makes sense to interpret it in a way that makes us feel energised, hopeful, and motivated.


Cam xxx

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