My top 10 lessons of 2022

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Well, here we are with less than 60 hours left of this year. How’s 2022 been for you? Mine has been full of ups and downs and a heck of a lot of learning! 

But that’s life, isn’t it?  Ever-changing, ever-flowing, ever-surprising, and ever-challenging… 

I always take time to reflect back on what went well and what went… well, not so well! And then I package all that reflection into lessons to take forward into the following year.  

So here are my top 10 lessons of 2022

1️⃣ Much beauty, comfort, and inner peace can be found in the simplest of things like morning sunrises, new surroundings, and hot cappuccinos. 

2️⃣ We must dare to follow our own paths, which may not be the paths our loved ones want for us.

3️⃣ When things stop working they don’t always require fixing but instead, they should be left alone.

4️⃣ Pay close attention as to whether people’s actions match their words – people who say they love you won’t let you down or disappoint you.

5️⃣ Strike while the iron is hot and just start the thing before self-doubt gets a look in because there’s a very good chance your idea will fly!

6️⃣ Pay attention to ongoing resistance – If something isn’t working then it’s likely not meant for you.

7️⃣ You can choose to be anything you want in this world – it won’t happen overnight, but if that’s what you truly want then you will become it.

8️⃣ People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime – Not everyone that comes into your life is meant to stay in it for the long haul, and that’s OK. 

9️⃣ You may realise you’re an entirely different person than you thought you were, and that’s OK too.

🔟 You can change your mind, your relationships, your career, your goals, your location… anything you like, whenever you like. The world is constantly and so can (and must) you.

Let me know if any of these resonate with you – or maybe you’ve got some of your own? I’d love to know what they are, so please drop me an message or head over to my Instagram and share. 

The more we speak about our learnings, the better they stay in our mind and help guide us to better actions in the future.

Happy New Year, I’m looking forward to doing 2023 with you! 🤩

All my love, 

Cam xxx

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My top 10 lessons of 2022

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