Get Good At Shifting Perspective


Shifting perspective is a wonderful skill to master in this uncertain and rather chaotic world.
Shifting our perspective can shed light in times of darkness and it’s a far more empowering way to go through life.

It’s why I always encourage myself and others to look for the reasons, the lessons, or sometimes the connections, in all experiences.
They are always there, you just have to look for them.

But there are many who don’t; they believe the world is against them, everyone is it out to get them, nothing works, it’s all broken.
Which is a rather shitty and very disempowering way to live.

I mentioned in a previous post, you create your own reality, and so the above is a reality for many that they have created for themselves.

And you know what?

I get it – I sympathise – because I’ve been there too.
Sometimes it’s one thing after the other, you can’t seem to catch a break, it goes on for weeks, months, or years. It can be hard to interpret things any other way – you get tunnel vision.

But the thing is nothing changes if nothing changes, and if you don’t change the way you view the world, then the world won’t change the way it views (and treats) you.

Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom, and some sadly don’t make it back up from there, but there are many others who do. And they end up standing taller than they ever have before. And that is simply because they chose to change their world. And all they had to do to change their world was shift their perspective.
If you speak to anyone who’s been to the bottom and back up again they’ll tell you it wasn’t a quick process – it was definitely not one and then done – but they’ll also tell you that it started with one little shift in perspective.
And it continued with a second little shift.
And it was each shift in perspective that they pushed themselves to practice as often as possible, that built the habit that trained their mind to look another way; to look for positivity amongst the seeming sea of negativity, and to look for things that served them instead of debilitated them.

They’ll tell you that they couldn’t always do it every day, but that was OK because even if they didn’t manage all the days, they were still reinforcing the habit each time they tried.
And with every reinforcement, it got quicker and easier to do.
And eventually over time this habit changed their world, and with it changed their life.

I’m not one for affirmations, but I do love a quote! I personally find them helpful to quickly access more complex ideas and they serve as great reminders to use whenever I need them:

So please forgive me for being a little cliche, but the following quotes have helped me kick my stinking thinking and shift my perspective to a higher plane on many occasions and I hope they can do the same for you.

“It’s happening FOR you, not to you.”

“It’s ON the way, not in the way”

Lots of love,
Cam x

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