My top 10 lessons of 2022

Well, here we are with less than 60 hours left of this year. How’s 2022 been for you? Mine has been full of ups and downs and a heck of a lot of learning!  But that’s life, isn’t it?  Ever-changing, ever-flowing, ever-surprising, and ever-challenging…  I always take time to reflect back on what went well and what went… well, not so well! […]

Habit Hacks


If you are struggling to adopt some good habits and make them stick, here are 3 things that might help you.

The Way Things Were

The world has changed. People’s behaviour has changed. Business has changed…

My first 7 days on a Vegan diet

Ok, so I’m not normally one to jump on a bandwagon and follow the masses… but coincidently my next experiment and challenge for myself is bang on trend at the moment and has coincided with Veganuary. The word ‘vegan’ polarises a lot of people, and I too have had adverse reactions to it but this […]

What Your Judgment Of Others Says About You

“everything that you see in others exists in you” Think about that for a minute… We can be very quick to pass judgment on others but too slow to reflect on ourselves. But your judgment of another person says more about you than it does about them. Because we only know what we know, and […]

The Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

Have you ever heard the term “ask better questions, get better answers?” Well, there’s a lot of truth in it. And asking yourself questions is a great way to uncover your deep-seated beliefs and true feelings. The more questions we ask ourselves then the more we are able to discover about our thought patterns and […]

How To Stop Negative Self Talk

We all have a little voice that pipes up inside of our head that can run an extremely unhelpful dialogue. It says things such as: “You’ll never be able to do it.” “What would people say?” “It’s too risky.” “Who do you think you are?” …and on it goes! Now, to some degree, this negative […]

How To Build Mental Stamina And Resilience

We’ve all got a juggling act going on these days. There’s just so much pressure to experience all that life has to offer. We feel that we should be excelling in our careers by either climbing the corporate ladder, or growing our side hustles, and businesses… this alongside experiencing daily personal growth, looking and feeling […]

Reframing When Life Throws You a Curveball

I’m talking curveballs today and I’m sure you’ve had a few thrown at you… I certainly have! There are many things that are outside of our control and these things all pose a threat to throw us off course at some point. You can do all the planning in the world, but there will be […]

How To Stop Fearing Failure

So let’s talk about the F word – an action or consequence that so many fear, yet without it we wouldn’t experience much of life at all as life would be dull without it. That word is Failure. I’m sure you’ve heard before that you should be leaning into failure, and on paper it makes […]

How To Deal With Disappointment

We all experience disappointment at some point in our lives, I’ve experienced it countless times in respect of myself, as well as of other people or circumstance.  It feels highly frustrating at the time and it can also knock our confidence in ourselves or others and end up holding us back in life as we […]

My 5 Most Helpful Habits

Still rolling with this whole goal setting, planning, routine theme right down to the nitty-gritty of habits this week. Because habits are the glue that holds our lives together! Our habits are what shape our days, our weeks, and ultimately our futures. One set of habits can take us one way and another set of […]

The 3 Mistakes With Routine Building

So last week I shared 3 common mistakes with goal-setting and this week I’m sharing 3 mistakes when it comes to routine building – yes, there’s a bit of a pattern emerging here! So, how beneficial really is having a routine?  The answer, in short, is very. “But Camilla” I hear you cry, “Routines are […]

The 3 Common Mistakes With Goal Setting

Most people don’t seem to have a problem dreaming up goals… but so many people never follow through and reach their goals because they are making either 1, or all, of these mistakes: Setting goals that aren’t in alignment with who they are and what they want. Setting goals that are misaligned with each other […]

Lessons I’ve Learned in Life & Business

I’ve learned a lot in my 33 years on this planet but this week’s podcast episode would have been a ridiculously long one if I called them all out. Instead, I’ve picked the most important lessons to share with you on the #NoFilterNeeded podcast. The first of the lessons I’m going to expand on a […]

Lessons From My Podcast & Dropping Perfectionism

So today the #NoFilterNeeded podcast is exactly 5 months old… and what a surreal 5 months it’s been, eh? As the months have gone on it’s certainly got a lot easier and quicker to edit the podcast – it took me nearly 10 hours to edit the first episode! My interview with Zoe was recorded […]

Think Outside The Box

So today’s topic is inspired by a conversation I was having with a friend yesterday. I always encourage myself to ‘think outside the box’ wherever possible as that’s where creative solutions come from and new opportunities present themselves. But it’s not always easy when surrounded by ‘in the box’ thinkers who tell us to be […]

Are You Meeting Your Needs?

According to Maslow we have 5 human needs; basic needs, psychological needs and self-fulfillment needs. The catch, however, is that the self-fulfillment needs cannot be met without the psychological needs, and those needs can’t be met until the basic needs have been fulfilled. So, in short, you cannot live to your full potential unless you […]

Is Your Environment Supporting You?

My awareness around environments perhaps borders obsessive, but only because I know first hand just how damaging the wrong environment can be to one’s mental health and energy. It doesn’t matter how much work you do on yourself in terms of personal development, mindset or meditation practices, if you keep placing yourself in an unsupportive […]

Don’t Fall Into The Diet Trap

This may seem like a random post but I felt compelled to share this with you after my chat with Tom Blackman on the #NoFilterNeeded Podcast last week.  We discuss lots of things but one of them was what Tom calls ‘The Diet Trap’ and it got me thinking about my own past experiences with […]

7 Things That Are Destroying Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is a word that is thrown about quite a lot. Confidence means different things and looks a different way to each of us, but generally, the essence of self-confidence is the ability to believe in yourself to complete the task in hand no matter the odds or the adversity. There are 3 main obstacles […]

Is Your Lifestyle Working With You?

Everything we know is made up of cycles. There is the movement of the planets, the oceanic tides, and our very own seasons here on earth which come around each and every year. We have cycles of sleep and wake times, cycles of blood around our bodies, and let’s not forget our breathing cycles. And […]

7 Tips To Boost Productivity In Self-Isolation

When one door closes another door opens. So while our front doors are remaining firmly shut during this period of self-isolation, that then swings the door of the mind wide open.  Now, the door of the mind can open into a land of opportunity or a total minefield of fear and anxiety, so let’s make […]

It’s Time To Stop Feeling Powerless

As the number of Coronavirus cases are on the rise, as entire cities are closing down, as more and more people are going into isolation, are you feeling increasingly worried about how things are going to pan out? Is the widespread panic and fear wreaking havoc with your ability to think clearly about the future? […]

This Time Last Year…

I was at my wits end this time last year… I had a TOTAL meltdown while working at my mum’s house last February – which was my temporary office space in her attic when I closed my Highgate office – I just completely lost it while sitting at my laptop looking at my accounts and […]