The New Journey

It’s funny how things work out… actually, no, funny isn’t the right word, that’s just a stock phrase which we’re all so used to using; and not just phrases, stock everything – stock lifestyles, stock clothing, stock emotions. The word “funny” would be a huge downplay over the monumentality of what is happening across the […]

This Time Last Year…

I was at my wits end this time last year… I had a TOTAL meltdown while working at my mum’s house last February – which was my temporary office space in her attic when I closed my Highgate office – I just completely lost it while sitting at my laptop looking at my accounts and […]

Life: Do It Your Way

There’s been a real shift in language these last few years and buzz words such as ‘conscious,’ ‘mindful’ and ‘purpose’ are featuring more and more across magazine articles, social media feeds and being used in people’s everyday language. I’ve always been pretty straight-talking; none of this wishy-washy vocab or jumping on these hippy-dippy trends, but […]

GOALS: Start where you are. Use what you have.

It’s usually around mid-January when our energy and motivation for our new year’s goals begin to dwindle.  Our grand ideas of going after big, meaty goals for 2020 and our promise to take better care of ourselves; like managing our workload better, eating the right foods, abstaining from alcohol and hauling our asses into the […]